What Are The Essential Amino Acids?

Protein is made up of amino acids categorized into two categories, essential and non-essential. The body uses food to synthesize non-essential amino acids, but essential amino acids can only be obtained through your diet. These essential amino acids help to trigger the muscle repair and rebuild process in the body.

The building blocks that make up protein are amino acids. Protein is vital to correct functioning of every organ, muscle and individual cell in the human body. The protein that you take in, either from diet or supplements is broken down by the body and converted in amino acids. These are then used to replace and repair damaged proteins.

Many people wonder why it is that if amino acids are so vitally important in repairing the muscles and cells, why it is that some amino acids are referred to as “essential” while others are not?

The human body contains and uses 21 naturally occurring amino acids. Nine of these, however, can not be synthesized by the body. These nine are known as the essential amino acids. If you do not get them from your diet or from a supplement, the body has no way to manufacture them. It is therefore essential that you get from some source.

Essential Amino Acids And Protein Synthesis

While you appreciate the necessity and importance of protein you might still not fully understand exactly how to go about it. You have stocked up on protein rich foods and are taking protein supplements but it is important to fully understand why protein is so important.

  • When you take in protein, either as a supplement or through diet, your body digests the protein and converts them into amino acids. While the majority of the branched chain amino acids will be derived from the food you consume, the will create the non-essential proteins when necessary.
  • If you are not receiving sufficient non-essential amino acids through diet, your body will make up for this by synthesizing them itself. With the essential amino acids it is a different story. If you do not consume these in sufficient quantities, you impair your ability to maintain and repair the body.
  • Once digested, the amino acids are unattached and single. It is then that protein synthesis takes place. The individual, single amino acids link together to become polypeptides. The end result is a protein molecule.
  • Provided your body receives sufficient essential amino acids it can make sufficient protein necessary for the repair and maintenance of muscle, organs and tissue. The additional, unused amino acids provide extra energy for the body.

Basics of Amino Acids Supplementation

Protein is made of building blocks of amino acids. Every muscle, organ and cell in the body needs protein to function correctly and optimally. The protein ingested by diet and supplements is broken down into amino acids and used to repair or replace damaged proteins. There are 21 amino acids occurring naturally in the body. Of these, 9 can not be synthesized by the body and these are known as the essential amino acids supplements. If not taken in through diet or supplements, the body will lack them.

Supplements range from single amino acids or combinations of essential and non- essential amino acids supplements. They can be purchased without a prescription from sports shops, health food shops and online. People supplement with amino acids for a number of reasons. Certain medical conditions such as addiction, immune deficiencies and mental illness are some of the circumstances under which people might be advised to take additional amino acids, particularly if they are not getting enough in their diet.

The main groups that take them are body builders or those that do a lot of if intense resistance training. They take the supplement in order grow and repair muscles after intense training.This supplementation is practiced by many bodybuilders and has been for some time. There are mixed feelings amongst experts with regards to the benefits of this practice.

Types Of Amino Acids

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Also called ALC or ALCAR is an active ingredient for a healthy lifestyle. Acetyl L-Carnitine offers many benefits including weight loss, anti- oxidant properties, increased energy and performance. It also helps regulate metabolism.

Rice Fermented L-Glutamine

As name suggests, L-Glutamine is produced by rice fermentation. It is a great solution for sore muscles, exercise exhaustion and over training. Its benefits include muscle recovery, increase in muscle protein synthesis, healthy blood sugar levels and stronger immune system. Rice Fermented L-Glutamine helps to create new muscle cells. It is very helpful in dieting where it help power the body without any muscle loss.

Beta Alanine

Beta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that occurs naturally and is also produced by the human body. Fish and pork are rich sources of Beta Alanine.it enhances our body’s endurance and workout intensity. Overall performance during training is improved leading to muscle growth. It regulates the build-up of fatigue in the body. Main benefits of Beta Alanine are lower fatigue, reduction in lactic acid build up and lean muscle growth.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

BCAA’s combine the best of essential amino acids into a potent mixture. When Valine, Isoleucine and Leucine come together, workouts become better and more effective. These 3 are related to muscle growth and recovery after a workout session. Leucine helps in protein synthesis and promotes muscle growth. Isoleucine and valine helps in the metabolism of Leucine for its effects for muscles. They help in lean muscle growth, boosting energy levels, stimulate fat loss and lower muscular fatigue. BCAAs help build and maintain lean muscle mass. Dieting or a calorie deficit diet can lead to muscle breakdown, because, the leaner your body gets, the more likely it is to break down muscles (rather than fat) to satisfy your energy needs.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid or DAA is a natural diet supplement that boosts muscle growth. Its effects include increased energy and faster recovery. Male users experience more testosterone levels. This translates into more protein synthesis and enables faster muscles repair process. More muscle mass is added to the body. The core concept lies in the fact that healthy testosterone levels promote fat loss and body utilizes energy better. DAA delivers improved muscle growth, enhanced energy levels, better fat loss and faster recovery.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate is what will get you the right results – quick recovery and bigger muscles, when integrated with the right training regimen. Creatine monohydrate helps in fast recovery, increase in strength and endurance along with lean muscle gains. Creatine monohydrate is a cost-effective and high performance dietary supplement to gain muscle and strength. German imported Creatine is at the very top when it comes to sports nutrition.

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Think About The Ingredients In Amino Acids Supplements

Due to the fact that the body is unable to synthesize the essential amino acids they need to come from diet or supplements. While it is often difficult to get them in our diets in sufficient quantities, this is the reason the supplements are so popular.

The majority of people that eat a healthy, balanced diet should take insufficient amino acid vitamins. They are available as separate or single amino acids so if you have determined a deficiency in just one or two, you can take those specific ones as a supplement. The eight essential amino acids your body can not synthesize are lysine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, leucine, valine, threonine, tryptophan and methionine.

Generally, the non-essentially amino acids are not necessary to take as the body can produce them from the essential acids. There may, however, be times when the non-essential acids are also needed in additional quantities. If this is the case you should look for supplements that contain the specific ones that you need.

The exact number of non-essential amino acids is debated by some but we do know that there are eleven of the non-essential amino acids that are normally referred to a diet supplements. Although there is some overlap, each performs a specific purpose. They are: alanine, arginine, asparagine, aspartic acid, cysteine, glutamic acid, glutamine, glycine, proline, serine, and tyrosine. Each serves a different purpose. Arginine, cysteine, and thyrosine specifically are know to increase metabolism and aid with fat burning and weight loss.

A Brief Explanation Of The 9 Essential Amino Acids

  • Histidine is needed to make red and white blood cells which delivers oxygen through the blood throughout the body. It also helps with tissue repair and growth. It occurs naturally in meat, poultry, fish, dairy when and rice.
  • Leucine improves human growth hormone (HGH) production and keeps blood sugar stable. It helps to repair and grow muscle, skin and bone. It is found in brown rice, nuts, beans and wheat.
  • Isoleucine works in much the same way as leucine to stimulate HGH production and improve muscle repair. It also makes haemoglobin necessary to transport oxygen through blood. Sources include fish, chicken, eggs, cashews, liver, almonds and eggs.
  • Tryptophan helps with sleep and moods. Naturally, it occurs in turkey, chicken, tuna and salmon.

  • Lysine aids calcium absorption and maintains nitrogen levels. It is necessary for the production of hormones, collagen and antibodies. The best sources are eggs, potatoes, cheese, milk and yeast.
  • Phenylalanine helps to treat depression and reduces pain. It occurs in almonds, nuts, seeds, dairy products, and avocados.
  • Elastin and collagen rely on Threonine for their manufacture. Find it in meat, eggs, and dairy.
  • Valine improves brain function and stimulates muscle growth. It occurs in soy, mushrooms, dairy, grain, meat, and peanuts.
  • Methionine aids digestions and breaks down fat. It is part of the branched chain amino acid supplements used to make creatine. Find it in lentils, beans, garlic, onions, fish, and yogurt.

The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) consist of leucine, isoleucine and valine. They play a large role in muscle development as well as energy levels. This makes them a very popular choice for bodybuilders.

Benefits of The Essential Amino Acids 

A lot of study has gone into essential amino acids and the effect they have on the body. Studies have proved that they will help to build muscle, increase power and endurance, speed up recovery time as well as reduce muscle soreness.

Here Is The Proof:

  • Essential amino acids increase recovery time. In the study participants took 6 grams of essential amino acids 1 and 2 hours after a resistance workout. The result: participants recovered faster and muscle breakdown was minimized.
  • Essential amino acids reduce sore muscles. When study participants supplemented with essential amino acid supplements they noticed significantly less soreness 48 to 72 hours after training.
  • Essential amino acids build muscle. In a study, participants drank a supplement containing 6 grams essential amino acids and 35 grams sucrose 1 or 3 hours after a resistance workout. The result: Muscle growth improved and protein synthesis was greater.
  • Essential amino acids increase power and endurance. After test subjects consumed supplements of essential amino acid supplements they were found to have greater upper body power as well as greater endurance.

Essential Amino Acids and Safety

The safest and best way to get the sufficient amount of essential amino acids is always through a diet of protein-rich foods. The essential amino acids in supplements are naturally-derived and are therefore normally quite safe. There are however a few things that one needs to bear in mind when supplementing with essential amino acids.

  • Due to the fact that they increase energy levels, essential amino acid supplements could result in insomnia
  • If you suffer from pre-existing liver or kidney issues, these could be aggravated by an essential amino acid supplement.
  • The supplements could disrupt the amino acid balance in the body
  • It is possible that supplements with high essential amino acid dosages could elevate heart rate and possible result in damage with extended use.
  • Another possible side effect of high dosages of essential amino acid is a blood disorder known as eosinophiliamyalgia syndrome.

How To Get The Most Out Of Essential Amino Acid Supplements

If you are planning to supplement with essential amino acids it is vital that you know how to take them and the best time to take them. It will have a large impact of on their effectiveness. Although they are natural, you can take too much which, apart from being a waste of money, cold have adverse side effects. First, we will look at how much to take.

In terms of how to take them, as previously stated, diet is by far the best way. As our diets are not always perfect, we will sometimes find it necessary to supplement with essential amino acids. Studies and research have shown that a supplement of 6 grams of essential amino acids is an effective and safe dosage per serving.

Building Blocks of Health – Essential Amino Acids

If your goal is to lose weight, increase energy, build muscle or simply improve overall health, essential amino acids can play a critical role in this.

A basic knowledge of essential amino acids and their function is good but you need to learn a bit more. You need to be sure you are getting the correct essential amino acid supplements required for your own circumstances and goals, both from your diet as well as with supplements. The correct amino acids, taken at the correct time will help you get strong and improve your overall health.

 Top BCAA Amino Acid Supplements For Weight Training

Weight trainers and bodybuilders take muscle building supplements primarily to speed up muscle and repair and recovery. Their main goal is to build more muscle faster. As a result, there are times that weight trainers should take amino acid supplements. For bodybuilders and serious weight trainers, the optimal time to take the supplement is during a workout.

Supplement manufacturers have designed specific amino acid powder & other products for this market to maximize the amino acids benefits. These will often contain other complementary ingredients, including minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates, to improve the overall effectiveness of the product.

The specific name for the supplements described above is intra-workout supplements. The idea is to take these during a workout in order to get the most out of them.  The result of taking intra-workout amino acids for weight loss is a much faster recovery which in turn will lead to improved strength and increased muscle gain. These are obviously the primary goals of the bodybuilder.

Top Amino Acid Supplements For Runners

It is not only bodybuilders that can benefit from amino acid supplements. Endurance athletes such as runners stand to benefit a great deal from them as well.

Runners taking an amino acid supplement will also benefit from faster recovery and will also see an increase in endurance. This is due to the supplement supplying the necessary building blocks needed to repair the overworked muscles. The other important benefit is that the supplement will enhance preserve and enhance lean muscle and reduce fat. Without sufficient amino acids, the body could draw on muscle to meet a lack of the necessary protein components.

While the supplements can assist all athletes, those specifically designed for runners are more designed to cater to their unique requirements. Those designed for runners are in a more pure format and generally include other complimentary ingredients such as b-vitamins and electrolytes. This formulation prevents the negative impacts the amino acids could have that could reduce their performance. Runners should ideally take top bcaa amino acids supplements both before and after exercise. Many runners also take a diluted drink including amino acids during their run.

So as you can see, amino acids are extremely beneficial, particularly for body builders and athletes. It is important to understand them correctly and take the correct ones and to take them at the right time.

How Do I Choose The Best Amino Acids Supplements?

There are so many different brands of amino acids supplements on the market, all with different ingredients and in different strengths or formats. It makes the task of selecting one rather challenging. Not everyone necessarily needs to take an amino acid supplement and taking high doses over an extended period is not recommended. This is not only unnecessary but cold even prove harmful.

People doing intense training with very specific muscle growth goals or people with medical reasons for needing amino acids can get a great benefit from them. One of the things you need to understand is whether you need to supplement with essential amino acids, non-essential or one that incorporates both.

You will need to give some thoughts to your specific goals and perhaps do a bit of homework in order to answer this question. You might also need to experiment in order to determine what format works best for you, powders, tablets, liquid or snack based supplements.

Select The Right Format 

The supplements come in capsules, amino acid powders and Liquid amino acids so you will need to decide what to format is best for you. Try a few to see what your body responds better to. Another source of BCAA amino acids is energy and power bars. A lot of it will come down to your personal preference but be sure and study the quantity of the active ingredients to ensure they are sufficient for your requirements.

  •  Precautions and Risks

Proteins, of which amino acids are the building blocks, are essential to the development and cellular growth, particularly in muscle tissue. While they are no doubt beneficial, they are not a quick fix and should never be taken in excess. Studies are inconclusive but there is a belief that excess consumption of amino acids could lead to metabolism issues as well as liver and kidney complications. Be sure to do your research first and consult a health care professional if in any doubt.

  • Amino Acid Supplements For Intense Training

Many bodybuilders and athletes have some to realize the value of supplementing with amino acids in order to speed recovery and improve performance. Many people are still unsure of exactly how and when to take these muscle building supplements. In order to help you, we will look at these questions to give you some guidance in order to get the most out of amino acids.

  • Should I Supplement With Amino Acids

In order to answer this, it is important to full understand the benefits of taking them and how they can assist you in achieving your training goals. A few questions you need to answer: Does recovery take a long time and feel like an ongoing process? Do you frequently plateau and feel you are not growing or developing? Do you believe you are falling short of reaching your full potential? If some or all of these are true, it is quite likely that amino acids could be the answer and help solve these issues.

  • What Amino Acids Are The Best To Go For?

There are a number of products on the market, some very specific and some more general. Like anything else, some are better than other so select wiselyYour choice of amino acid supplement will also depend to a large extent on the type of training you do, the intensity and duration. Let us help to guide you through the options to enable you to select the one best suitable for you.

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